Eve is a modern relational language for writing data-driven programs without the boilerplate.
search [#html/event/click element] element = [#world screen: "game"] player = [#player] commit player.velocity := 1.17

Instant feedback

When you make changes to Eve code they are reflected in a live, running app. Eve catches errors as soon as you make them and guides you toward a fix with succinct error messages.

Naturally documented

An Eve document tells a story with your source, featuring a table of contents, text, references, images, and of course code. These elements add context to your program, making the intent behind your code concrete. Interested users (and maybe your future self) will thank you.

Designed for debugging

Eve gives you a multimeter for your code, allowing you to visualize and inspect every record, block, and component without affecting what’s running. When you run into problems, views and the inspector provide a transparent window into your program’s behavior by monitoring records as they change.

Concurrent and compositional

Eve programs are made up of small blocks that follow a simple pattern: search for records, then update records. Blocks are reactive, have no order, and compose by default. This allows you to build programs organically, without having to worry about callbacks, storage, or caching.

A single data model

Everything in Eve is represented as records – from data to events to programs themselves. You never have to worry about the boilerplate associated with converting data from one format to another. After learning a small set of operators to manipulate records (we only have nine), you're ready to work with Eve at any level.

Fits in your stack

While Eve provides everything you need to get started building programs, from the editor to the database to the renderer, you can also use Eve as part of your stack with our JavaScript DSL – use only the parts of Eve you need and expand your usage over time.


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